Taormina, at about 200 meters of sea levels, is the pearl of the Ionian, and it is reflected in the blue and crystalline waters of the sea below, enchanting for centuries poets, writers and artists. The city was founded in 396 BC. by the indigenous Sicilians with the name of Tauromènion from the Tauro hill on which it stood.

In 263 BC the city was conquered by the Romans and after the fall of the empire it was occupied by the Byzantines. In 902 A.D. the Arabs completed the conquest of Sicily by occupying the last stronghold.

Those wishing to visit Taormina start with the splendid Ancient Theater, which carved out of a mountain wall creates an ensemble of incredible beauty. The Theater, the real flagship of the city, is the second largest in Sicily after that of Syracuse and today it is used to host various prestigious events such as the 'David di Donatello' or 'Taormina Arte'.

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